A meditative approach to Painting

Painting in a group with others is a direct way to
unleash our natural, spontaneous self-expression.
We will paint with brillant, vibrant colours on
handmade paper.
Sitting on the floor allows the whole body
to be involved in a sensual, hands-on, creative act.

Given a supportive atmosphere everyone of us is
creative and can express him/herself through
painting. You may experience how easily painting
can happen when you are trusting your spontaneity
and intuitive feeling.

The exploration in this course will take you beyond
the mind and its judgements about what is right and
wrong, beautiful and ugly.
Such an approach can help you to rediscover hidden
energies and aspects of yourself and opens the door
to meditation, silence and joy.

Other expressive technics such as dance, active
meditations and partner
exercises enrich the exper-
ience and help to break
through artistic fears and
inhibitions. Painting be-
comes more a play, a
mysterious search and a
revelation of the unconscious.

Anyone with a thirst for colours, movement, play
and meditation can benefit from this work. If you
have always wanted to try paiting but have been
afraid or discouraged, this workshop is for you.

No experience of any kind is needed for your participation!
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